8 Reasons to Submit to Volume 8

By: The WAr Team

1. Its a great opportunity to be self-reflective, curate your work, and surprise yourself with what you have produced.

2. You're going on co-op in the spring or summer, and being published will make you stand out as a candidate.

3. Our January launch event will be even more fun when your work is being featured.

4. Its your chance to contribute to a greater conversation in contemporary architectural discourse.

5. Help us show the world how great Wentworth's architecture and design programs are.

6. Support the architecture department and your classmates who put a lot of hard work into making the journal happen.

7. Do it for the incentives. (We gave you free popcorn and/or you want to win a sketchbook or set of journals!)

8. Your design work is beautiful and you deserve to be recognized!

Its never been easier to submit! All you have to do is visit wentwortharchitecturereview.com/submit or click here and you will be emailed a link to a personalized dropbox folder. You can then put your work in that folder to be considered for inclusion in this year's journal! This year's FINAL submission deadline is Monday, September 25, so be sure to submit within the next week!