What is our Impact?

By: Esti Shapiro | BSA ‘18

Welcome back designers! On behalf of the WAr team, I am ecstatic to announce that we are in full swing, gearing up for our seventh annual publication due out early next year. We also have some exciting changes and new opportunities to share with you all.

First, we would like to officially announce the theme of volume 7: Impact. This year we will be exploring what the word impact means in the sphere of architecture and design. Already, we are seeing how multi-faceted this idea is. On one level, impact speaks to something deeply physical, and describes a dialogue between spaces. At the same time, however, it is theoretical and emotional, relating to what influences us, how a design changes the space it inhabits, and in a larger sense, what effect we, as architects and designers, can have on our world. This has caused us to consider; what is our impact? How does the work that we do here at WAr change our school and our community?

Since 2010 WAr has been showcasing, celebrating, and influencing Wentworth’s rich design culture. WAr was started by a group of individuals with a big idea and it continues to be, at its core, a collection of deeply passionate students who are compelled to share our extraordinary ideas, work, and experiences with those around us. WAr is exceptional because it is entirely self-motivated and student-run. Seven years into this venture we are constantly astounded by how WAr continues to grow. Every year we receive more support, and student interest in our publication increases. It is precisely for this reason that we have decided it is time to expand our impact. A single, annual publication is no longer sufficient. WAr wants to be more, and we have the capacity to be.

We aim to provide greater opportunities for more students and designers to get involved in our work with the hope that WAr can become more inclusive and participatory. Additionally, we are hoping to expand our online presence, and thus our readership and reach. This year, we will be launching “onWArd”, the Wentworth Architecture review blog, with the hopes that this new format will allow for expanded student involvement and will create a more constant presence for WAr in Wentworth’s design culture. We want to be very clear: the annual publication that you have come to know and hopefully love is not changing. Rather, we aim to supplement the journal with a more regular forum for sharing thoughts, ideas, and inspiration surrounding architecture and design. If you are a student and would like to get involved in onWArd, we would love to see you on Wednesday, October 12 at 7pm in Crit Room B where we will share more information about our vision for the blog and assemble a new, expanded team. We would also like to encourage everyone to join our official mailing list by visiting www.wentwortharchitecturereview.com/subscribe to stay up to date on what we’re doing, and follow our new blogging adventure! And as always, we encourage you to submit your best, most impactful design work to be considered for inclusion in this year’s journal.

-The WAr Team