By: The v/7 WAr Team

v/7 Launch Party by Melvin Morales

v/7 Launch Party by Melvin Morales

We are so pleased to announce that we have successfully launched Volume 7 of the Wentworth Architecture review! We were so happy with both the outcome of the journal and the launch event itself! Here is a note on the topic of Impact that appears in the journal.

Our world is made of an infinite expanse of ideas that have, over time, begun to intersect, manipulate, dictate, and inform their surroundings with increasing complexity. The resulting impact of each of these interactions forms the ever-changing fabric that each of us understands as our emotional and physical realities.

As we design, it is the ideas we disseminate, the words we speak, and the things we create that impact these realities. In our architectural education, we learn about designing with awareness of context. However, it is only through practice and an open mind that we can develop an understanding of how contextual factors relate and interact. This appreciation begins to define design outside of our personal perceptions.

Key to understanding our influence as designers and architects in an increasingly global industry is the willingness to identify and omit our personal biases and perspectives in order to rigorously engage our surroundings as objective, but not indifferent, observers and analysts. This can engender the pursuit of a deep understanding of the variables at play prior to disrupting them.

It can be easy to get lost in pursuit of a goal, concept, or vision; it takes constant reflection on the tangible impact of our decisions to stay rooted in what is real. At the same time, impact can be used as a tool - to disrupt, to experiment, to spark change. While a radical approach is often appreciated in academia, in practice there are real consequences that impact all scales of life. Even as students, we can already see many ways in which we impact one another. Through our individual pursuits and areas of interest, we are able to enrich those around us, pushing one another to reach a higher level of personal development.

We are pleased to see our own impact growing as we reach out to more young designers and expand our presence in the design community. This year, we celebrate the launch of onWArd: the Wentworth Architecture review blog. onWArd reflects our continued commitment to participatory dialogue that encourages the close examination of our diverse perspectives. The curation of this seventh installment of the Wentworth Architecture review has highlighted the enduring importance of promoting this within the discourse of our community.

As we dissect the layers of this journal’s theme, the Wentworth Architecture review invites you to appreciate the meaning of our impact in the world we are designing.

We would also like to thank the Wentworth Architecture Department, Wentworth Student Engagement, and Wentworth Student Government, among others, for their contributions to the journal and event.

If you are interested in purchasing a copy of Volume 7, find any member of the WAr Team in studio or contact for more information. And, now that Volume 7 is published, we look forward to getting back in to a more regular blogging routine! Anyone with a story to tell or a passion for architectural discourse is encouraged to join us every Wednesday at 6 pm for our weekly writing workshops!


The WAr Team

v/7 Launch Party by Melvin Morales

v/7 Launch Party by Melvin Morales